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Posting a notice on your Facebook, will not protect your privacy


Every six months or so, a lot of Facebook users that haven't done so before, copy and paste legalise onto their wall, thinking that it will protect their content from use by Facebook in advertising and marketing – unfortunately for those involved, it doesn't make any difference. The legal sounding notice purports …

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Facebook Flaw leaked details of millions of users

Millions of users on Facebook will not be pleased to hear that advertisers and other third party organisations had the potential to get unauthorised access to many Facebook user accounts and profile information, due to a software flaw. This information comes from one of the most respected anti virus and …

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FaceBook hack means girl has to cancel birthday party

An Australian teenage girl posted a birthday invitation on Facebook, but due to a system hack she received more than 20,000 RSVP's. The 15 year old girl, identified as ‘Jess' had posted her address, home phone number and mobile number for her 16th birthday party on March 26th. She wrote …

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Facebook to protect children with new app

The all encompassing social networking site Facebook has agreed to use an application which should help protect the online safety of the younger userbase, according to a Reuters report. This application will appear on a user profile page when they add/bookmark it and it will allow children to report suspicious …

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