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Coolink Corator DS and SWiF2 120P / 1201 fans Review

The Coolink Corator DS cooler is packaged in a full colour box highlighting the heatsink on the front with artistic green accented background imagery.

The back and sides highlight the main selling points and some specifications of the product.

Inside the box there are two smaller boxes, one housing the cooler itself and the other a slimline box with all the accessories.

The bundle comes with and Intel and AMD kit and two manuals for either platform. This is basically identical to the Noctua cooler bundles we have reviewed on Kitguru in the past. They also supply a little tube of their own thermal paste called ‘Chillaramic thermal compound’, which also looks identical in component breakdown to the Noctua NT H1 paste.

The cooler itself is extremely well engineered as we would expect from the same company who produce Noctua coolers. The heatpipes are thick 8mm units and the base is ‘Gapless Direct Touch’. They carefully package the product with a hard plastic protective cover over the base to protect against marks during shipping.

Interestingly we counted the fins on either side and one fin stack has 30fins and the other 40 fins, this could in theory have a slightly negative effect on the airflow. The unit is a dual tower design with the 120mm fan in the middle – preinstalled. Another fan could be fitted on the cooler if you decided to enhance the airflow, however there are only one set of mounting clips supplied, so a litle creative ingenuity with materials would be required.

The cooling fins have the heatpipes running all the way through them as they exit at the top. The shapes are intended to cause airflow turbulence which increases the fins capabilities to dissipate heat.

The copper base is a rather unique aspect of the Corator DS as the Gapless Direct Touch design is a first. It uses Direct Touch technology which is a favourite among enthusiast circles, but it doesnt have gaps between the heatpipes as they touch the heatspreader of the CPU. This is a very interesting and unusual concept as Coolink have poured a copper layer over and between the flattened heatpipes. In theory this is one of the best cooling methodologies we have seen as it utilises the best aspects of both HDT and solid base designs.

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  • Nathan

    This is a brilliant cooler but I think its slightly overpriced and very hard to buy anywhere.

  • Sam

    Seems to be a great product again from the strikeforce behind Noctua. Shame it only has one fan, most high end coolers now come with two, it proves that two is better with this review t oo.

  • Tim

    These austrian guys are really into delivering some awesome CPU coolers. where is their main factory? far east or local?

  • Brian

    It is great but as the review says, it has stiff competition at the price. Frio is £35 here now, and its hard to beat at that price point.

  • Stefan

    Very good review, liked the fact you tested with not only 1 fan, but added one more then 2 more ! I think it proves to coolink they need to add another and keep the price point, it would sell more im sure.

  • Death Dealer

    Good product, but I agree, the FRIO is close and costs quite a bit less.

  • Frank

    I could certainly tell the parent company behind Noctua were involved. because these guys make some brilliant fans, with the WORST COLOR SCHEMES IVE EVER SEEN ! bright yellow or burgundy. lovely. 🙁

  • Joe

    I almost bought this cooler last week, but went for a cheaper one. It seems a very good product. I like the yellow fans also, very dramatic.

  • Garry

    Great review thanks

  • Hank

    Very good looking heatsink – nice designs from these companies, good products.

  • seth

    excellent quality product as I would have expected. I think I would get this if I could find it on sale anywhere locally. Seems even harder to get here than Noctua products

  • Percy

    Those fans are brilliant lookin. never seen bright yellow fans before. need to get a few of those.

  • Slashs Top Hat

    Wozzers, didnt know these guys owned Noctua as well. they seem to be a hell of a company releasing some awesome products.