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Coolink Corator DS and SWiF2 120P / 1201 fans Review

The Coolink Corator DS uses the exact same SecureFirm 2 mounting methodology as the many Noctua coolers we have reviewed in the past. This is a class leading mounting system and one we never have an issue with regardless of the platform. Today we are concentrating on the Intel platform.

Although we said earlier that the Corator DS looks a little like a Noctua NH D14 after a crash diet, the cooler is still huge, as can be seen above resting next to an intel reference heatsink for a 750 core i5 processor. The Noctua NH D14 uses six 6mm heatpipes and the Coolink Corator DS uses four 8mm heatpipes. We would say that both of these configurations would offer very similar cooling prowess.

The base is supplied with the multi platform strip already preinstalled. This is the foundation for mounting the cooler onto the motherboard.

The backing plate is made of steel with a layer of plastic and foam and the holes support 775, 1156 and 1366 slots with the A/B/C/ markings. A is for LGA 1366, B is for LGA 1156, and C is for LGA775.

The two heatsink support brackets are mounted onto pins and then the main cooler is screwed into the  central bolts.

The central fan needs removed first to get access to the two mounting screws. A long screwdriver is needed and unlike the expensive Noctua NH D14 package, there is no driver supplied.

Installation only takes a couple of minutes and caused us no issues at all. You will need to check your particular system to see if any mounting issues could occur. There is only 41mm of head room for memory so if you have extended modules you need to ascertain beforehand where the memory is in relation to the fins on either side. If the first ram slot is to the right of the socket and less than 65mm from the center of the socket then you will experience problems.

The cooler installed on our motherboard, fitted into the chassis. a straightforward process, but be aware a small case might not cope with the cooler due to the length – we will actually discuss this more in a review due for publication later this coming week.

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