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Urbano Leather Window Case for 17inch Macbook Pro Unibody Review

Rating: 8.5.

KitGuru recently looked at a high quality Urbano 13 inch protective case for the Apple 13 inch MacBook. Today we are following up with a look at one of the most luxurious cases available for the flagsship 17 inch MacBook Pro. The beautiful ‘Leather Window Case' made out of genuine premium cow hide.

Of all the tech goodies we play with, one item always remains constant for me and that is my two year old aluminum 17 inch MacBook Pro which accompanies me everywhere I go. This machine is rather dated by today's standards as it has a 2.93ghz Dual core processor (T9800) with nVidia 9600m/intel graphics. It doesn't feel slow however as I recently upgraded it to 8GB of Crucial 1066mhz DDR3 with a 128GB Kingston SSD.

With my optimised OSX install and the partnering hardware it is more than enough to run Photoshop lightning quick and to edit video and handle all my work at events and on the move. I have always had a Macintosh laptop and I don't think that will change anytime soon – they are beautiful and very reliable machines.

One of my constant concerns however is how to keep this safe on the move, I have invested well over three grand on this machine and it deserves the ultimate protection. Urbano have assured me that this case is as good as you can get, so today we will see if it gets the ‘Zardon seal of approval'.

Kraft International are the parent company behind the product on test today and they started out manufacturing leather bags and carry accessories. The ‘Urbano' brand is a premium product range created for the Apple Macintosh user community who always demand high quality partnering equipment.

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