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Urbano Leather Window Case for 17inch Macbook Pro Unibody Review

When I opened the packaging I was rather surprised that the beautiful leather bound case was shipped in such a poor plastic pouch. To be fair it is not a massive issue and probably ideal for a store, but they could do so much better to help enhance the appearance.

Urbano say “Each product is put into clear zip film pouch for retail packaging. The packaging provides excellent product visibility and at the same time protects the leather case inside, to deliver the product totally fresh.Also, if a customer likes to examine the product before deciding to purchase, the zip bag just needs to be unzipped and the product can be examined and put back and just zipped again.”

We say it is worth bearing in mind that this specialised sleeve costs around £125 inc vat so we feel an attractive cardboard box would be a good way to ship these from the factory. It wouldn't add much to the cost, but it would certainly add to the feeling that you are buying one of the most luxurious protective cases available on the market.  After all they could have one of each model on open display in the retail store for ‘hands on' customer approval – I certainly don't want to think that many sets of grubby hands have already been mauling the case I might end up buying.

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