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Urbano Leather Window Case for 17inch Macbook Pro Unibody Review

The product we received was the black version which would probably be the choice of most people reading this. It is highest quality leather, and it exudes an air of quality once you see it outside the plastic cover.

They are sold in 5 other colours. Pink, red, purple, dark chocolate and dark vintage. I quite like the red colour scheme, it reminds us of Italian sportscar paint.

Rather than have a plain leather design on the front, Urbano have opted for a beautifully stitched pattern which ends in a square shaped panel area at each edge. This is not just a design decision however as after using it for a while I found that these areas were perfect positions for gripping. They are panels stitched into the main body of the sleeve and offer additional strength and thickness. It may be hard to notice in the pictures above but it is a stunning showcase of workmanship. The aluminum ‘U' logo is cut into the sleeve at the front also.

The leather is extremely soft to touch, and can immediately be felt as a quality piece of cowhide . Urbano tell us that the fittings used are tested under ‘extreme conditions' before they are used after passing the strictest standards on the market. YKK zippers are also incorporated, well known in the industry as the best money can buy. The metal fittings are Nickel plated with either shiny silver or antique finish.

There is a windowed hole (heavy duty clear plastic) cut here to display the Apple logo when on the move – Urbano know that most Apple owners are a little smug about their choice of laptop (myself included), so its a perfect way to let everyone know you have great taste. Hey, I review ‘PC centric' hardware for a living, so in in the interests of balance I am allowed to say this.

The rear is finished in the same cross stitched pattern with thick panels on each side – the Urbano name is etched into one of the panels, a lovely little touch.

The inside is finished with soft, thick and scratch resistant polyester based fabric … this covers a strong, soft durable foam padding of around 5mm thickness. The fold in the middle of the case is fully protected also, ensuring no damage will occur on the surface of the unibody MacBook Pro.

Each of the corners has a strap that can grip the corner of the Macbook. My machine is pictured above, it still retains its sheen after 2 years of travelling the world with me.

Inserting the Macbook is a simple process, rest it on top of the inside sleeve, slide over the corner grips …

… then close the sleeve over and zip. The zip runner never makes contact with the unit incidentally as along the track there is a layer of protective padding. This is a much needed protection as the zipper could cause massive damage to the unit in the long term.

The zipper mechanism feels as good as we would expect and there are no issues in getting it closed. It may sound a silly point to bring up, but how many times have you bought a laptop case, only to find that it needs pulled back and forward along the track to close properly?

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