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Urbano Leather Window Case for 17inch Macbook Pro Unibody Review

Offering adequate protection for my Macintosh when I am on the move is a primary concern for me, I bought a specialised Tucano cabin trolley and the Urbano Leather Window Case sleeve offers even more protection when I am travelling the world.

The design is as beautiful as I have seen and the attention to detail throughout is first class. Everything from the cowhide to the YKK zippers has been hand selected to offer a long term quality investment for businessmen and discerning Macintosh users on the move. The Urbano Leather Window case is clearly built to last years of abuse.

This is just as well as the asking price is high, around £125 inc vat in the UK. In this instance however you really do get what you pay for.

Spending this amount of money would be ludicrous for a new netbook owner, as it would add over 50% of the initial cost to your purchase. However, it would be our number one choice for Apples flagship laptop that retails for several thousand pounds, even in its most basic configuration. We see no logical reason for skimping on protection for a laptop costing as much as a decent car.

KitGuru says: It is not quite a ‘must have’ at the current pricing, but it would be my first recommendation for a user who travels regularly and needs the ultimate heavyduty protection.

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Rating: 8.5.

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