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Thermaltake Massive23 GT & Cooler Master NotePal U Stand Cooler Review

Cooler Master and Thermaltake have many years combined experience in the cooling sector and today we are looking at two of their latest cooling platforms designed for hot running, performance oriented laptops. Both coolers are priced between £30 and £40 and feature adjustable height settings with a focus on delivering plenty of airflow.

The Thermaltake Massive23 GT is designed to accommodate laptops from 10 inch to 17 inch and features a dual USB hub onboard. They have opted for a 20cm fan with a red LED featuring a control switch for speeds between 500 and 800 rpm. The Massive23 GT has five adjustable heights with an anti slip rubber design to ensure the laptop is held steady in place. It is primarily made from durable plastics. The retail price is around £30 inc vat.

The Cooler Master NotePal U is designed to accommodate laptops up to 17 inch and features a 3 way USB hub onboard. Cooler Master are using a patented, configurable cooling fan system which comprises dual 10cm fans. These can be moved around the underside of the cooler, and even removed completely. The U Stand cooler also has 5 adjustable height settings with anti slip holders in place to ensure the laptop won’t move around. It is made from a combination of aluminum, plastics and rubber. The retail price is expected to be around £37 inc vat.

We don’t believe in taking it easy when testing one of these coolers, so we will be loading them with the ultimate desktop replacement, the AlienWare M18x. If they can handle this beast, then they can handle anything on the market.

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  • Garth

    It is a problem with thermaltake. They seem to use some really very poor materials. The fans on my frio were replaced after I bought it, due to the noise levels. I bought 2 noctua fans and attached them with rubber bungs.

  • Thomas

    Cooler Master product looks great doesnt it? the removable fans is a great idea as sometimes users dont even want them.

  • Eric

    Good prices for both, but for £8 more, cooler master seems a win.

  • Julie

    I really dont see the need for a laptop cooler, unless you end up with a mac with a closed bottom or another one like that. My own HP laptop is cool underneath as all the hot air is forced outsideways. might be a good idea for a big desktop style laptop as stated in review, but waste of money IMO

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