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Arm Cortex A15 chip detailed

Many people have been waiting on the new ARM chip and finally details have emerged detailing the 28nm processor which has been taped out at GlobalFoundries.

The processor loses the ‘Eagle' name and it called the Cortex A15 MPCore Processor and is going to be licensed to customers immediately for production in both 28nm and 32nm versions at clock speeds reaching 2.5ghz.

There are new features available such as hardware virtualisation extensions, Long Physical Address Extensions support for memory up to 1TB and SMP cluster coherency functionality. These new features point that ARM are directing this chip into multi core servers and possibly tablets and smartphones.

The A15 was initially rumoured to be only available in dual core configurations, ATM have stated that it will be in fact be available in single, dual and core core variants.

If you want more detailed information you can find it over on the Arm website, on this specific page.

KitGuru says: With so many versions available it will suit a variety of marketplace demands.

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