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Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

Rating: 10.0.

Arctic Cooling’s MX-3 thermal paste is currently one of the best on the market and is favoured by many enthusiasts as it performs very well and is non-conductive.  In fact, KitGuru uses MX-3 to test most of the CPU coolers that pass through our labs.

Despite the numerous upsides of Arctic Cooling’s MX-3 paste, there were always two definite drawbacks to the product.  Firstly, the paste is very viscous and is therefore much more difficult to spread than other pastes.  And secondly, the price of MX-3 is notably higher than other pastes, around £7 for a 4g tube at most retailers.

Rather than try to improve the performance of their paste, Arctic Cooling decided to rectify these other two flaws with their latest thermal compound.  Arctic Cooling’s MX-4 paste is designed to offer the same performance as the MX-3 paste whilst being easier to spread and cheaper to buy.

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  • Samuel

    MX3 is brilliant but I agree Henry, it was very thick, if they fixed this with MX4 sign me up for an order !

  • Tim

    Thermal paste is so important, its great to see coverage of this new product. looks to be up to their usual high standards.

  • Seth

    These aren’t very sexy reviews, but damn useful. thanks Henry.

  • Tom Blower

    Mx3 was my favourite, but it had a consistency of toothpaste and was difficult to work with. this looks much more usable.

  • Eric K

    ive had great success with the noctua thermal paste which I see Zardon uses often in reviews. Ill check this MX4 out.

  • Huhh

    Why would you be spreading it? The dollop methos had been proven more effective.