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Intel CEO says Apple TV is ‘for mom’

Intel top dog Paul Otellini said in an interview yesterday that the first Google TV devices will start shipping in September. He has also launched a rather scathing attack on Apple TV – probably because it is using an ARM chip rather than a Pentium M.

Otellini said that he felt Apple TV had taken a big step backwards by making the product less of a ‘computer-like’ device. Google TV would be much better because it was the full internet experience melded with traditional TV.

Paul Otellini (right) - no, his mom is not on the left - thats Sean Maloney.

Electronista said “The CEO still thought the Apple TV could co-exist with Google TV but that the two would appeal to different audiences. Apple’s hub would be useful for Otellini’s mom because it’s ‘simplistic,’ he contended, while Google’s would appeal to those who wanted more.”

KitGuru says: While we are unsure of how this market will develop, we will say that we are immensely impressed with Google’s Android Operating system which we recently experienced on the Dell Streak mobile unit. This is going to prove Apple’s biggest challenger in 2011.

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