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Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

Arctic Cooling have retained a very similar performance level to the renowned MX-3 paste whilst improving the other aspects of the paste, making it easier to use and cheaper to buy.  When Arctic Cooling release the MX-4 paste in the near future, we are sure to start using it for testing coolers.

It still eludes us why Arctic Cooling only supply their MX-2 paste with their own coolers.  We would like to see them including MX-4 with all their products as soon as possible because it is a much better product.

As it hasn’t been released yet, we can’t be sure of exactly how much the MX-4 will cost when it hits the shelves.  It has an MSRP of €3.90 but we would expect to see it for around £4-5 in the UK.  This makes it a steal and it should be considered by anyone looking for some decent thermal compound for their next build.  In fact we love this product so much we couldn’t help but make it the first product to score 10/10 on KitGuru – it really is faultless.

KitGuru says: A truly great product that rectifies every issue we had with its predecessor.  Anyone looking for a decent thermal compound should definitely consider this product.

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Rating: 10.0.

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