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Intel introduces 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors

It's been a busy few days for Intel, as the company has announced a new product portfolio that includes “Processor, Memory, Storage and FPGA Solutions”, with one of the highlights being the introduction of new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

According to Intel itself, the company doesn't want to sit idle during the “AI revolution”, but instead sees this as the perfect time to actively invest into the rapidly emerging technology. When talking about Artificial Intelligence, Intel once claimed that “it's not only the next step in computing, it's a major turning point in human history.”

The chipmaker is showing its continued interest in AI technology via the new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon scalable CPUs. Intel has integrated bfloat16 support into the processor’s Intel DL Boost technology, which is meant to accelerate “both AI training and inference performance in the CPU”.

Video credit: Intel

Intel's new CPUs (code-named “Cooper Lake”) are designed for deep learning and virtual machine (VM) workloads with an average “estimated gain of 1.9 times on popular workloads and up to 2.2 times more VMs compared with 5-year-old 4-socket platform equivalents.”

“The ability to rapidly deploy AI and data analytics is essential for today’s businesses. We remain committed to enhancing built-in AI acceleration and software optimizations within the processor that powers the world’s data center and edge solutions, as well as delivering an unmatched silicon foundation to unleash insight from data.” said Lisa Spelman, Intel corporate vice president and general manager, Xeon and Memory Group.

Additional information about Intel's Xeon Scalable processors can be found HERE.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Intel's heavy investment into AI technology? Do you think AI has the power to become a “turning point in human history”?  

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