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AMD confirms 7nm CPU and GPU showing at CES 2019 in January

AMD announced in September that its 7nm chips would see a limited release at the end of 2018, debuting fully early next year. Now, we know exactly when we can expect more information on the highly anticipated next-gen CPUs and GPUs, as AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su will hold a keynote on the technology at CES 2019.

Being the first CES keynote from AMD in show history, Dr. Su will not only discuss how the company is evolving in the computing, gaming, and visualization industry, but bring the moment into history with the debut of “the world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs” for desktops. The mobile world already has a handful of new flagships sporting their own version of the 7nm process.

“AMD is transforming the future of computing in our ever-expanding digital world, with innovative solutions that will revolutionize markets and solve many of the world’s most pressing issues,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. This includes evoking change within the “$35 billion gaming industry.”

Image: Dr. Lisa Su

Previously, it was suggested that the server industry would be the priority to receive 7nm chips, while consumer and gaming markets would follow sometime in the future. While this might still be true, it looks as though AMD won't shy away from talking about either when it takes the stage next year.

CES 2019 begins on January 8th and runs through until the 11th, with Dr. Su’s keynote scheduled for January 9th at 9am. This is unlikely to be the only appearance of AMD at the event, however, as the company states that “additional CES keynotes will be announced in the coming weeks.”

KitGuru Says: Formally announcing the jump to 7nm at an event housing hundreds-of-thousands of attendees will certainly make for a good show. AMD already has Intel on its toes, so here’s hoping the new technology can truly pack a punch. Are you looking forward to AMD’s next-generation of CPUs and GPUs?

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