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Intel Coffee Lake processors expected in early October

Intel’s 8th generation series of processors is expected to launch early next month after a string of leaks. If this new information is to be believed, it’s very likely that the launch date for the new Coffee Lake Z370 motherboards and i7 8700K processor is October 5th.

After VideoCardz gave a first look at six ASRock Z370 motherboards and subsequently the MSI Z370 Godlike, shelf-dates started to appear surrounding October 5th. Since then, a stock supply screenshot from a UK retailer has surfaced on reddit showing the same date of launch for the Intel Core i7-8700K.

Alongside this posting are retail listings popping up left and right according to WCCFTech, and while the information such as clock speeds are subject to change, this is a good indication that the October placeholder is true to either distribution or retail.

This will mark the first time that the chipmaker has introduced mainstream 6-core processors as well as budget friendly quad-core CPUs, with the 8700K acting as Coffee Lake’s flagship. This is all in direct response to AMD’s success with Ryzen, although this new line is not likely to compete with the high-end Threadripper.

If this is the official release date of the 8700K, the standard-clock model along with the i5 and i3 models are surely not far behind. More information can be expected in the near future, hopefully in a more official capacity.

KitGuru Says: Intel should have introduced mainstream 6-core processors a lot sooner than this, but such is business with no competition. It’s good to see AMD strong on its feet to direct more consumer friendly behaviour.

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  • goldenboy77

    in the last 4 years intel has come up with nothing faster they are stuck at 3gz for the last 15 years

  • Higher GHz doesn’t “always” mean better performance.


    So why is 7700k running at 4.2GHz stock (4.5 boost) then?

  • SpringWinter

    its true. Intel is competing its predecessor to attract their own customer to submit to their new tech. with a higher price. in the end the performance on the their new tech is slightly different. not that much as you think for a 1 year gap budget. this ryzen is still a good choice from a practical gamer.

  • chris

    That’s just because of physics
    Higher clock speeds have a disproportionate affect of Temps and power usage especially over the 4ghz area

    Just look at the 9000 series FX lineup

  • goldenboy77

    the 7700 runs at 3.6ghz correct the k runs at 4.2 i should reflect most of there chips run at 3ghz

  • Hapkiman


    i7 4790k = base clock 4GHz boost 4.4GHz
    i7 6700k = base clock 4GHz boost 4.2GHz
    i7 7700k = base clock 4.2GHz boost 4.5GHz

  • Patrick Gueriguian

    the i3 8350k will be a 5ghz chip

  • Turulo

    I can’t see why not.


    He meant that when comparing different architectures (like amd vs intel different), where clock speed does not indicate all that much whether this or that processor will be faster (instructions per cycle, branch predicting, cache and other thing all affect performance too).

  • spat55

    So 6c/12t with IPC improvement and you say Intel has done nothing faster in 15 years, go back to your Pentium 4 and stop trolling.