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Kitguru TV: Which Gigabyte X99 board to choose?

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As the dust starts to settle from the launch of Intel's X99 platform and the latest GTX9xx cards from nVidia, level heads are looking at the benefits being offered by the new technologies, and beginning to think about making the investment. With prices varying so much, which mainboard is right for your project? KitGuru gets up close and personal with Andrew Ditchburn, technology guru for Gigabyte.

Intel's initial Haswell processors left everyone feeling a bit wet. Like buying a really expensive firework, but not getting anywhere near as much bang as you had hoped for. That was followed up by the Z97 mainboard, which will still have features added to it in the future. In comparison, X99 really felt like an Intel launch of old.

New boards, new features, news CPUs. What's not to like?  But it's definitely not a budget option – with all of the key components carrying a premium. You need to NEED an X99 solution for it to make sense. So let's say you are a regular KitGuru reader and X99 suits you perfectly, that leaves one question: Which Gigabyte board is perfect for your needs?

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KitGuru says: All of the top manufacturers will have X99 options, but we hope that Andrew's guide to the Gigabyte offering has been useful.


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Rating: 0.0.

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