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AMD A10-6800K (Richland) APU Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are going to take a look at the latest ‘Richland’ APUs from AMD which have been refreshed with ‘Piledriver’ cores to enhance performance. There are numerous other improvements including the addition of 2133 MHz memory support for the A10 models.

Since AMD released their first APUs back in 2011, they have become popular among those users who were looking for a reasonably powerful system on a budget. AMD’s APUs tend to offer better graphical performance than Intel’s integrated solutions, making them ideal for those users who want to enjoy decent frame rates without the additional cost of a discrete card.

Today we look at AMD’s flagship A10-6800K processor – if you already own one of the previous generation, is it a worthy upgrade?




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  • Alex

    They are good value for what you get. add in a HD7870 and you also have a cheap, powerful gaming rig at 1080p

  • Ben

    Great for media center, no need for a discrete card.

  • Christopher Hall-Nelson

    This was really useful to me, I have an older A8 and wanted to sell it, and put £70 towards a new gen model. It looks to be worth the move, especially for HD gaming.

  • Xtreme

    AMD rule in the low end, I just wish they could get something out at £300 to kick intels ass.

  • Adrian

    The Gaming FPS tests have me confused. Are those the results with or without the dual graphics??? Or is it with the discrete graphics solution? I would like to see the performance with dual graphics.

  • joe

    is the a10-6800k good for video editing and 3d rendering also? just struggling to find a good amd processor. thank you.