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Exclusive Asus engineer Z87-C unboxing video

To conclude our Haswell series of launch videos, we have the company’s workhorse product – the Z87-C. It will support any single graphic card (including dual-GPU versions), but in terms of multi-card support your only option is AMD Radeons in CrossFire formation. How much of a drawback is that?  Let’s take a look.

While the review reaction to Haswell has not been as universally loving as it was for Sandy Bridge, there is no doubt that Intel’s production techniques will improve and this chip will become the mainstay of the enthusiast market for the next year or so.

Inside the Asus regional HQ building, KitGuru’s cameras were invited along to an unboxing walk-through of the new Z87-C mainboard:-

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ycro4kyVrs’]

KitGuru says: Given that only a small percentage of systems use SLi or CrossFire, the limited multi-card support is not likely to be a problem for most gamers on a budget.

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