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Corsair Hydro H110 Review

Overall we are very impressed with what the Corsair Hydro H110 has to offer.  While it may not be quite as impressive as the H100i in terms of features, it provides superior cooling performance, allowing enthusiasts additional headroom for overclocking.

It’s quite clear that Corsair are targeting this cooler at a different segment of the market compared with the H100i.  The H110 does away with all of the superfluous features that aren’t really necessary and concentrates on offering the best cooling and acoustic performance for the lowest possible price.

Obviously, there are drawbacks to this approach.  Namely, the H110 looks and feels a little less ‘premium’ when directly compared to the to the H100i, predominantly as a result of the cheap fans bundled with the unit.  We expect that many enthusiasts will replace these with superior models, though.

Please Note: We would urge those who are considering purchasing the H110 to think carefully about the case they’re planning to use as a basis for their system.  There hasn’t yet been a standard set for the spacing of fans on 280 mm radiators and, consequently, different cases use different fan spacings.

The H110 uses 20 mm fan spacings, so you’ll need to make sure the fan mounts on your case correspond.  It’s worth noting that this differs from the NZXT Kraken X60 which uses 15 mm fan spacings on the radiator.

The Corsair H110 will be available to purchase shortly in the UK from all major etailers.  Corsair inform us that it will cost around £95 when it hits the market, and will therefore be priced extremely close to the existing H100i.

We think that it offers great value for money at this price as it provides better cooling performance than the H100i for a negligible price premium.  It also comes in around £25 cheaper than the NZXT Kraken X60 which we expect to be it’s main competitor in the market for the foreseeable future.


  • Impressive performance.
  • Great value.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Does away with unnecessary features.


  • Poor compatibility.
  • Cheap fans.

KitGuru says: Yet another impressive product in Corsair’s Hydro Series.

Rating: 9.0.

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  • Eran

    Another one? I just bought their H100i – damn!

  • Tttt

    Kick ass !


  • Joe

    It is certainly great for noise emissions and cooling, but the H100i is a superior build quality unit IMO

  • John

    Its huge, Id love it, but Id need a new case, or just leave this hanging out the back of it. which might be ok as my case is under a desk with the back pointed away from me.

  • Terrible Terrance

    I have a 3770k and this review points out the variables between some of them. my friend also has a 3770k and his runs 7c cooler with the same Noctua D14 cooler. Must be some of the earlier 3770k’s run very hot. We both get the same overclock to 4.9ghz so its all good.

    H110 seems excellent to me, id be tempted, just so I could see some of my motherboard through the case window ! My D14 blocks everything. only downside with that cooler.

  • Chipicao

    How about some accurate dimensions for the radiator? I’m sure a lot of people want to see if it will fit in their case…

  • emmanuel exiomo

    i like this