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Rumoured AMD 7nm Mobility CPUs could launch early in 2020

According to rumours, AMD could be launching its Mobility CPUs based on 7nm technology early in 2020, with claims this could reduced the cost of gaming capable laptops to $699.

According to the guys over at wccftech, they have got confirmation AMD will be launching 7nm mobile CPUs in Q1 2020 featuring 6-core Ryzen processors, which will bring the cost of gaming capable laptops with discrete graphics down to just $699 in the U.S – this would be considered a pretty steep drop in price.

AMD has already stolen a huge market share from Intel in the desktop CPU area and are not ready to settle with this alone. According to wccftech, AMD are planning gaming capable laptops, equipped with Ryzen 5 CPUs and featuring Radeon discrete graphics, starting from $699 – although they were unable to offer confirmation on full specifications.

“I do know this pricing is being based on a 7nm Ryzen part with 6-cores along with a dGPU (the Radeon RX 5300M/5500M potentially) and will go up against the Intel Core i5-8265U + GTX 1050 setup”, said Usman Pirzada of wccftech.

Pirzada also claims the new AMD mobile CPU (specifically the 6-core) will be capable of 12 hours battery life for everyday use. “This will also help it get a lot of design wins since currently Intel processors are considered the fan-favourite when it comes to battery longevity (among x86 parts) and these usually net around 10-11 hours of battery life” he went on to say.

Both the RX 5300M and RX 5500M, which are rumoured to be implemented in the new mobile CPUs, are set to be manufactured using the 7nm process and featuring GDDR6 memory. According to a recent leak, both GPUs will also be based on AMD’s new RDNA (Navi) graphics architecture. The RX 5500M is also supposed to pack a boost clock speed of up to 1645MHz and memory bandwidth speeds of 14Gbps.

Assuming these rumours turn out to be correct, a mobile CPU featuring Zen 2 architecture and the rumoured Radeon 5300M/5500M GPU should be a mouth-watering prospect, that will offer some good gaming performance at a reasonable price.

KitGuru says: if you are thinking about buying a new gaming laptop, it may be worth holding out a little longer, to see what these new systems from AMD will offer in terms of performance, instead of splashing out now.

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