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AMD set to launch 7nm mobile graphics to rival Nvidia’s budget GPU’s

AMD looks set to shake up the mobile graphics market with leaks of their new RX 5300M and 5500M specifications showing performance to rival Nvidia's budget mobile offerings.

There have been many rumours over the past few weeks regarding AMD’s Navi 12 and 14 desktop graphics looking likely to be released soon. However, the guys over at wccftech managed to get their hands on specifications of the mobile versions named the 5300M and 5500M.

Both the RX 5300M and RX 5500M are set to be manufactured using the 7nm process and featuring GDDR6 memory. According to the leak, both GPUs will also be based on AMD's new RDNA (Navi) graphics architecture, the RX 5500M is also supposed to pack a boost clock speed of up to 1645MHz and memory bandwidth speeds of 14Gbps.


The source of the rumoured specifications also offered a chart with 3DMark11 performance scores of the two new mobile graphics processors, showing the 5500M offering a favourable performance gain over Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti QM mobile GPU, with the 5300M sat just between the 1660 Ti QM and Nvidia’s GTX 1650.

With no rumoured specification of the 5300M given, and only the charts showing comparable performance, we can only assume the 5300M is aimed at the lower end mobile graphics market. However, it is still based on the 7nm process and features GDDR6 memory.

Looking at the specification and rumoured performance, we can expect to see upcoming gaming laptops featuring them. Although manufacturers are yet to disclose any information on possible Ryzen 7 3000 and Radeon 5500/5300 equipped laptops, we should expect to see them soon, especially if rumours are correct that Microsoft will be adding a Ryzen powered Surface laptop to their line-up.

Kitguru says: If this rumour turns out to be true, it will be great to see AMD providing competition to Nvidia in the mobile market. Which in turn could reduce the price of graphics-intensive capable laptops to offer better mobile gaming options.

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