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No Man’s Sky update will add proper ultrawide support and new PC performance optimisations

No Man’s Sky has been in a great position over the last couple of years. While the game initially disappointed at launch, Hello Games has been hard at work on several big feature updates since then. This year, No Man’s Sky Next launched, bringing in huge overhauls, adding proper multiplayer support and even VR support. Soon in the next patch, the game will also have proper scaling support for ultrawide displays and 4K monitors, in addition to a host of new performance optimisations.

The update is currently live through the No Man’s Sky experimental beta branch on Steam. The update fixes scaling for the in-game HUD and “other visual elements” on 21:9 displays and adds better HUD scaling for those playing at 4K. Beyond that, other graphical glitches, UI bugs and crashing errors are also addressed.

If you have been having issues with the game crashing in multiplayer with fleets and freighters, then this patch should fix that. Errors with base building have also been corrected, including wires not placing properly, increasing the amount of objects that can be placed in a small space, and an issue where players would fall through the floor.

PC performance should also see a boost, as this patch replaces HBAO with a higher-quality temporal ambient occlusion. New CPU optimisations are in place, the game’s management of GPU memory has been optimised, water rendering has been improved and there has even been improvements to the amount of memory used when interacting with characters.

KitGuru Says: It took a few years, but No Man’s Sky is a genuinely good game now. There are still some performance problems and it certainly isn’t a game that will please absolutely everyone. However, if you like space, exploration and base building, then it is certainly worth giving a go now. Hopefully with these new optimisations in place, it will also run better on a wider range of systems.

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