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Nvidia Lightspeed Studios will be releasing more RTX classics

Nvidia Lightspeed Studios is planning to remaster more classic PC game titles from the past decades with ray-tracing effects, after the Quake II RTX-enabled makeover they did earlier this year was a success.

According to a new job listing by Nvidia Lightspeed Studios, which was picked up by DSOGaming , it appears the Quake II remaster will not be the only classic getting the full ray tracing treatment from the studio, since the job listing is looking for an experienced producer to join the team.

“We’re cherry-picking some of the greatest titles from the past decades and bringing them into the ray-tracing age, giving them state-of-the-art visuals while keeping the gameplay that made them great”, Nvidia said in the job description.

So far, the studio has not named which classic titles they are planning to remaster with ray-tracing effects. However, in the recent job description, Nvidia Lightspeed Studios gave us a hint by saying it will be “a title that you know and love” as its starting point. Since Quake II RTX was already released by the time the job description went live, that’s not what they were referring to.

The job description was posted on Nvidia’s myworkdayjobs site, so this isn’t a rumour. However, there has been no official confirmation on what the studio is planning. We have seen ray-tracing enhanced remasters recently from other studios, which means this could be a trend that is likely to continue. At least for Nvidia Lightspeed Studios.

Quake II RTX, as the name suggests, was only available for RTX graphics card owners and for free to anyone that owned the original, the first three levels were available free to everyone else. The studio may stick with this model for future releases but up to now, that's not been confirmed.

Kitguru says: So, what classic PC titles would you guys like to see Nvidia Lightspeed Studios remaster with ray tracing enhancements? for me, it has to be Half-Life 2 or one of the Doom games.

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