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8C/16T Intel Tiger Lake-H processor spotted on Userbenchmark

Intel has already started to ship its first Tiger Lake processors, but higher-end Tiger Lake processors are expected to come in early 2021. As the release of these mobile high-powered processors comes closer, the first benchmark of a Tiger Lake-H processors has been spotted.

For now, Intel has only released the low-power Tiger Lake-U processors, featuring up to 4x cores, 8x threads, Xe-LP GPU with up to 96 EUs and a TDP ranging from 15W to 28W. On the other hand, the Tiger Lake-H processors are expected to come with 4, 6, and 8 cores, featuring up to 16 threads, a less powerful iGPU with up to 32 EUs, and a 45W TDP.

The Userbenchmark entry shared by @TUM_APISAK was uploaded by a system named “Insyde TigerLake”, featuring an 8C/16T Tiger Lake-H processor. The system’s display had a 2560×1600 resolution, which is quite odd for a laptop, leading us to believe this should be a test bench.

The score isn’t particularly impressive but we are still a while away from launch, so it likely is not indicative of the final version.

KitGuru says: Are you waiting for the new Tiger Lake-H SKUs before acquiring a new laptop? What kind of performance do you expect from them? 

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