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A 20C/40T Intel Sapphire Rapids CPU revealed on benchmark database

According to a roadmap we shared a few days ago, we are still more than a year away from the release of consumer Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs. However, considering there are already benchmarks of dual-socket systems equipped with Sapphire Rapids CPUs, the server-grade processors might be coming sooner rather than later.

A Geekbench 4 entry shared by @benchleaks shows a system with two CPUs from the “Family 6 Model 143 Stepping 2”, also known as Sapphire Rapids. Each processor has 20x cores and 40x threads, 75MB of L3 cache, 20MB of L2 cache, and a base frequency of 1.5GHz, but according to Geekebench, it reached 4.7GHz.

For a server-grade processor, 4.7GHz seems a tad bit exaggerated, but it's unclear if the benchmark has wrongfully detected the clock frequencies. However, such clock speed should be within reach of the consumer series Sapphire Rapids CPUs.

As for the benchmark results, the Sapphire Rapids system scored 1340 in the single-core tests and 31666 in the multi-core tests. Comparing these scores to the Ryzen 5800X, it's 81.1% lower in the single-core benchmark and 23.3% lower in the multi-core benchmark, despite featuring 2x 20C/40T processors. Given the difference, the 4.7GHz looks even less accurate.

Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs are set to enter volume production starting Q2 2022. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru says: We are still a year away from Sapphire Rapids processors hitting the market, so we expect to see improvements on future revisions. 

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