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AMD EPYC “Turin” processors may come with up to 256 cores and 600W cTDP

According to reports this week, new AMD EPYC processors are on the way and early leaks seem to indicate that they may not be the most friendly for your electricity bill. A well-known AMD datacentre product leaker is claiming that the upcoming EPYC “Turin” CPUs will come with a maximum cTDP of 600W, double the maximum cTDP of the EPYC “Milan” chips. 

We've been witnessing an obvious increase in power consumption of system components since Nvidia launched the RTX 3090. After all, it's not every new generation we see a consumer GPU consuming over 400W. Intel's newly announced CPUs are also quite power-hungry, operating at 241W when Maximum Turbo Power is enabled, showing once again how power consumption is increasing.

As per @ExecuFix, AMD Epyc “Turin” CPUs, which are said to feature Zen5 cores, will consume much more power than their predecessors. While “Milan” CPU cTDP maxed out at 280W and EPYC “Genoa” processors are said to feature a maximum cTDP of 400W, rumours claim “Turin” CPUs will raise the maximum power draw to 600W. That matches the information shown in the Gigabyte leak earlier this year, which stated that the upcoming SP5 socket (“Genoa” and “Turin”) is rated for 600W of peak power.

In response to this report, @greymon55 shared a bit more about AMD's upcoming datacentre CPUs, stating they would come in two core configurations: 192C/384T and 256C/512T.

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KitGuru says: We might have to wait a bit before AMD releases or even announces these CPUs. However, if we're going to see up to 256-core EPYC CPUs, then we wouldn't be surprised to see such a high cTDP. 

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