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AMD Zen 4D and Zen 5 rumours emerge

Intel has now stepped into hybrid CPU architectures with Intel 12th Gen desktop processors. Now, rumours about AMD's future Zen 4D and Zen 5 architectures are beginning to emerge, with Zen5 poised to be AMD's own hybrid processor combining performance cores and efficiency cores. 

In Moore's Law Is Dead‘s latest video, the leaker claims AMD's Zen 4D architecture will feature a new cache system, cut-down features and lower clock speeds to reduce power consumption and increase density. Basically, it will trade single-threaded performance for multi-threaded performance. For now, the only product to feature this architecture is Bergamo, a 128-core Epyc CPU expected to launch in Q2 2023.

Based on the leaker's claims, Zen 4D-based processors would feature 16-core chiplets and about half the cache of standard Zen4-based processors. Zen 4D is expected to support multi-threading (SMT), but the leaker can't confirm it yet. It's also unclear if this new architecture will support AVX-512 or not.

Moving on to the Zen 5 details, we've already shared rumours that this architecture would be featured in the 3nm-based Ryzen 8000 series (Strix Point) processors. This is thought to be AMD's first hybrid processor architecture, using up to 8x Zen 5 big cores and up to 16x Zen 4D little cores. Reportedly Zen5 will be “much more exciting than Zen 4”, offering a generational leap similar to the one we've seen from Zen to Zen 2. Zen 5 is expected to release in Q4 2023, bringing a 20-40% IPC increase over Zen  4.

KitGuru says: AMD's future looks promising, but it looks like Intel is going to maintain a bit of a lead when it comes to hybrid desktop CPUs. 

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