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Overclocker pushes Intel Core i9-12900K to 8GHz (Updated)

Update: The developer behind CPU-Z, as well as other overclockers like Der8auer have spoken out on this reported overclock result, stating that a bug was exploited and that this is not a legitimate result. For more details, see our updated article HERE

With Intel's 12th Gen Core processors now out in the open, overclockers have been getting their hands on the new CPUs and racing to set new records. This week, overclocker ‘Hicookie' posted the most impressive result yet, pushing a Core i9-12900K to 8GHz and following it up with DDR5 memory running at 8300 MT/s. 

The results were published by Aorus (ES), showing two separate entries of the Intel Core i9-12900K overclocked to 8000MHz and a Gigabyte DDR5 memory kit clocked at 8300MT/s on CPU-Z validator. The system used to achieve both results was the same, featuring a Gigabyte Aorus Z690 Tachyon motherboard and 16GB of Gigabyte Aorus DDR5 memory. 

Looking at the entry, we see only one core was running at 8000MHz, most likely one of the P-cores, while the rest were running at 4000MHz. To achieve the 8.0GHz mark, the CPU core voltage was pushed to 1.812V. As for the DDR5-8300 entry, HiCookie was able to achieve this using relatively high timings, set at 52-52-52-100-127-2.

As the Intel Core i9-12900K and DDR5 memory becomes more widely available in the months to come, we expect to see more overclocking results, with extreme overclockers looking to set new records.

KitGuru says: Overclockers are already achieving 8GHz results with the 12900K, perhaps eventually we'll see extreme overclockers breaking the 9GHz barrier. 

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