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Early AMD EPYC ‘Genoa’ processors have a massive IHS

A leaker previously known for revealing specs for AMD's next-gen EPYC processors has now shared photos of what appear to be legitimate engineering samples, although they didn't survive very long and apparently burned out as soon as the user tried to boot a machine with them. 

Prominent leaker Yuuki_Ans was lucky enough to obtain a couple of AMD's ‘Genoa' EPYC 9000 engineering samples, allowing him to take a few photos and share them on Twitter. Looking at them, you can see the massive SP5 socket and ridiculous pin count the upcoming EPYC chips will have. The third picture, in particular, is perfect for getting an idea of the socket's size, as you can see a DIMM slot below it.

The leaker unfortunately ran into some bad luck shortly after receiving the samples and getting them mounted, the chips burned out on first-boot and are now unusable, which is a risk you always run with early pre-release hardware.

The leaker didn't share exactly why the chips burnt out, so it could have been insufficient cooling, human error or some other technical issue.

KitGuru says: Those two samples are now burnt, so we aren't going to get any performance numbers, but we do get a look at that impressively sized chip and accompanying socket. 

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