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Intel 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” desktop processors to launch in Q3 2022

Last week, Intel gave us a first look at the Raptor Lake processors and detailed the upcoming architecture. According to Intel, the Raptor Lake processors should offer “up to” double-digit performance gains, which is rather vague. However, a recent report gave us a better understanding of what type of performance improvement we can expect from the new CPUs.

In its latest video, Moore's Law Is Dead claims we should see single-thread performance improve by 8-15% when comparing Raptor Lake to Alder Lake. As for multi-thread performance, the gains can be as high as 40%, likely related to the increased number of E-cores in the upcoming processors.

The leaker also revealed potential release dates for the desktop CPUs (Raptor Lake-S), as well as the mobile SKUs (Raptor Lake-H/HX/U). The desktop processors should release in late Q3 2022 and the laptop ones in the following quarter, in Q4 2022.

Besides Raptor Lake, the leaker also mentioned the next CPU architecture, which is called Meteor Lake. This one should release less than a year after Raptor Lake and will be focused on mobile. Nonetheless, Intel is expected to also release for desktop platforms.

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