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Intel Alder Lake DDR5 and Core i5-12600K performance benchmark results leak

We've been hearing a lot about DDR5 memory over the course of this year and with Intel's Alder Lake platform launch just on the horizon, we're finally starting to see some performance metrics. This week, the first DDR5 memory benchmarks appeared online, in addition to new benchmark results for the upcoming Intel Core i5-2600K. 

The benchmark scores come to us via @harukaze5719, showing an Alder Lake-based system powered by an engineering sample of a Core i5-12600K processor with 10-cores clocked at 4.6GHz. The system's DDR5 memory was clocked at 6400MHz with 40-40-40-85 timings.

As shown in the benchmarks, the system's memory read/write speeds were hovering around the 90GB/s mark, a noticeable improvement over current mainstream systems, which offer a write speed close to 50GB/s and a read speed of almost 70 GB/s, at best. However, latency measured in at 92.5ns, most likely due to the high timings.

The leaker also showed CPU-Z results for the Intel Core i5-12600K equipped in the system, which scored 785.6 points. That's 137 points more than the current highest scorer, the Ryzen 9 5950X.

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KitGuru says: These benchmark results are promising, as seen by the DDR5 read/write speeds, but there's still room for improvement, specifically when it comes to latency. 

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