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Top 3 Processors of 2021!

We are calling this the ‘Top 3 Processors of 2021!’ however that isn’t strictly correct since AMD launched Zen 3 late in 2020. What you really need to know is that Intel 12th Gen is better than we expected and has gone head-to-head with AMD’s finest. Game on! Watch our …

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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep 12) – AMD Must Respond to Intel 12th Gen

Intel’s performance offering from the 12th Gen processors is impressive. The gaming crown looks to be back Intel’s hand, and AMD also needs to respond to their overall performance crown being infringed upon. How will AMD respond? And what are the timescales? There’s also the elephant in the room of Apple, with the M1 silicon continuing to make impressive performance strides...

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Intel Core i9-12900K clock frequencies confirmed

It looks like some people are getting their Intel 12th Gen Core CPUs sooner than they should.  A few users have been uploading photos of retail samples of the Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i5-12600K to social media. We also seem to have confirmed specifications for the Core i9-12900K The …

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