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Intel 12th Gen Core processor prices could be cut by up to 20%

Intel's 12th Gen Core ‘Alder Lake' CPUs are still a decent upgrade for many, and it would seem that Intel's previous-gen processors will soon be available at cheaper prices. According to sources, Intel is planning to reduce the MSRP by around 20%.  According to DigiTimes (via @harukaze5719), Intel is talking …

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Intel Alder Lake BIOS source code leaks

Somehow, it looks like Intel's source code for Alder Lake has leaked online. The 12th Gen CPUs launched in late 2021 and now, someone has reportedly got their hands on the source code to Intel's BIOS, weighing in at about 6GB.  The leak was first reported by vx-underground, which claims …

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Top 3 Processors of 2021!

We are calling this the ‘Top 3 Processors of 2021!' however that isn't strictly correct since AMD launched Zen 3 late in 2020. What you really need to know is that Intel 12th Gen is better than we expected and has gone head-to-head with AMD's finest. Game on! Timestamps 00:00 …

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