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Intel redesigns stock CPU cooler for 12th Gen Core processors

Back in September, we heard that Intel was planning to refresh its stock CPU cooler ahead of the Intel 12th Gen Core CPU launch. Now thanks to new leaks, we can see what the redesigned cooler looks like properly. While this cooler won't come with the current batch of high-end Core i9, i7 and i5 12th Gen processors, it should come bundled with upcoming low-TDP processors, including Core i3, Pentium and Celeron SKUs. 

Twitter leaker, @momomo_us, shared a new image of the new Intel stock CPU cooler, which still uses a similar style to older stock coolers, but with some key differences and a refreshed black and blue colour scheme. Based on the previous leak, this appears to be the ‘RM1' cooler.

There are apparent differences between the old and new designs, like the fan's centre, which now feature Intel's new logo. The heatsink seems to have a more fin area, and the fan has fewer blades that are now more curved. The blue LED strip around the heatsink remains.

This particular cooler should come with Core i3 processors, while Pentium and Celeron SKUs should have a lower-cost version of this cooler with the LED strip removed. For higher 65W TDP processors, previous leaks suggest we'll see a similar cooler design, but with a taller heatsink with more fins.

KitGuru says: Are you planning to acquire an Intel 12th Gen Core non-K processor? If there's a stock cooler included with the processor, will you be using it, or do you prefer an aftermarket solution?

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