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Craob X prototype aims to be world’s first ‘portless’ Intel Alder Lake laptop

Craob is making some headlines for itself this week after showing off its brand new laptop concept design, the Craob X. This is pitched as an ultra thin and light laptop with absolutely no physical ports, opting to use wireless charging and other wireless accessories for connectivity. 

According to MyLaptopGuide (via VideoCardz), the world's first portless laptop will be based on Intel's Alder Lake platform, featuring a Core i7-1280P and 32GB of LPDDR5 memory. In addition, users can equip it with a PCIe 4.0 SSD for data storage with up to 2TB of capacity.

Thanks to its unique portless design, the Craob X weighs about 860 grams and is just 7mm thick. The display uses a 13.3-inch panel with 4K resolution and a punch-hole webcam.

With no ports to speak of, users would rely on wireless charging for power. In this instance, the Craob X has a wireless charging unit that connects to the back of the display. This unit can also be used to offer ports, like USB-A, USB-C, a headphone jack, Thunderbolt, an SD card reader etc.

This is just a concept design for now, but Craob does intend to bring this to market eventually, so we'll keep an eye out for updates later this year.

KitGuru says: We will likely see Apple trying a similar approach to this with iPhones and Macs in the years to come as well, with Magsafe utilised for connecting additional accessories and charging. Do you think portless devices are the future? 

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