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Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU line-up and spec details leak

The Intel 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” mobile CPU line-up has been leaked. From 5W to 55W TDP, Alder Lake mobile processors will allegedly feature up to 8x small cores, 8x big cores, and iGPUs with up to 96 EUs, allowing them to be used in a range of devices, including laptops and tablets.

This particular leak comes from @9550pro. According to their information, the Alder Lake mobile line-up will consist of 19x SKUs split into 3 main “packages”: Alder Lake-M, Alder Lake-P, and Alder Lake-S. Alder Lake-M will be further split into M5, and U9 processors, Alder Lake-P into U15, U28, and H45 processors, while Alder Lake-S will only consist of the H55 processors.

Starting with Alder Lake-M, there will be 2x M5 CPUs with 5-7W TDP. Destined for tablet use, both SKUs come with 1x big core and 4x small cores, with the main difference being the amount of EUs in the iGPU, which can either be 48 or 64. The Alder Lake-M also includes 4x U9 CPUs targeted at ultra-thin laptops featuring a 9-15W TDP, up to 2x big cores, up to 8x small cores, and iGPUs with up to 96 EUs.

Alder Lake-P seems to be the most comprehensive package, aimed at thin and light laptops. The U15 processors for the mainstream segment have the same specifications as the U9, but TDP ranges from 12W to 20W. Then, there are the U28 processors for “performance T&L” laptops, featuring 96 EU iGPUs, 20-28W TDP, up to 6x big cores, and up to 8x small cores. Lastly, there are the H45 processors for compact and high-performance laptops, featuring the same specifications as the U28, but with a 35-45W TDP instead.

The last package is Alder Lake-S, which only includes the H55 processors for high-performance laptops such as mobile workstations and flagship gaming laptops. With a 45-55W TDP and up to 32 EU iGPU, the H55 processors will come with up to 8x big cores and 8x small cores, putting them on par with their desktop counterparts.

Alder Lake-powered laptops are expected to release later this year. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru says: Are any of you looking forward to seeing Intel's attempt at a big.LITTLE style architecture in action? 

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