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Intel Alder Lake Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs spotted at retail

Intel has already launched the 12th Gen Core/Alder Lake K and KF-series processors, but more CPUs featuring the same architecture are heading our way in early 2022. Besides more Core processors, new Pentium Gold and Celeron for entry-level users are also expected and now, those processors are beginning to appear at retail.

Not much is known officially about Intel's plans for new Pentium and Celeron processors, but @momomo_us has done a good job at finding early retail listings so far. This time around, the upcoming Pentium Gold G7400 and Celeron G6900 processors were spotted at a Canadian retailer. The listings don't clearly imply that these processors will be based on the Alder Lake architecture, but the listed specifications give us some important clues.

As per the specifications, the Pentium Gold G7400 will feature 6MB of cache and a 3.7GHz base clock, suggesting this won't be a refresh of the Pentium Gold G6900. If it was, it would have 4MB of cache and probably a higher base clock. The core configuration of the processor is not disclosed, but 2x cores and 4x threads are expected.

Moving on to the Celeron G6900, it will have 4MB of cache, 2MB more than its predecessor (Celeron G5900), and a base clock frequency of 3.4GHz (the same as the G5900). Unlike the Pentium Gold G7400, this processor shouldn't feature Hyper-Threading, so expect 2x cores and 2x threads.

Intel is expected to launch its remaining Alder Lake processors, including non-K Core series chips, in the first half of 2022.

KitGuru says: While many of us enthusiasts are unlikely to opt for a Pentium or Celeron desktop processor, these SKUs often serve the entry-level and office markets well. With that in mind, it will be good to see updated SKUs in the months to come. 

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