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Amazon announces an end to its trade-in program

Amazon’s trade-in scheme, which allows customers to send in old products like games, books and clothes to earn credit against other purchases, is coming to a close. Anyone wishing to take advantage of it has until the 31st of August to get their returns in, after which Amazon will no …

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Amazon partners with Royal Mail for pick up

In what must feel like getting in to bed with the devil, Royal Mail has announced a partnership with internet retailer Amazon, to provide customers with an added solution for speedier delivery. This comes just weeks after Royal Mail announced that it was likely to lose out to rival couriers …

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Gamestop wants to fund unique in-game content

Pre-order bonuses or those exclusive to specific retailers have been getting a bit ridiculous as of late. Watch Dogs showed us the new extremes of the segregated content and it may be set to get even more convoluted, as high street retailer Gamestop, wants to help fund game development in …

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HMV announces impending closure of 66 shops


HMV administrator Deloitte has just announced that in the next two months, 66 stores will be closed, which will affect over 900 staff members – though it’s not clear all of them will be let go. “As part of our ongoing review of HMV’s financial position, we have now completed …

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Amazon sitting on $9 billion after record Christmas


Amazon is expected to to announce after its best Christmas takings in years, that its coffers have swollen to an impressive $9 (£5.7) billion, which represents an impressive increase since September, when Amazon was sitting on a more modest total around $5.2 (£3.3) billion. It’s thought that this uptake in …

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Comet likely to enter administration


High street electrical retailer Comet, is looking likely to enter administration sometime in the next week, putting more than 6,000 employees at risk of losing their jobs. Comet has been struggling for a while now, though it was thought when it was bought by OpCapita just less than a year …

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