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Intel Alder Lake-S peak power recommendations are up to 28% higher than Rocket Lake-S

As the launch of Intel Alder Lake approaches, we keep learning more about the new platform through leaks, getting more details as the date comes closer. The latest leak details the CPU’s power recommendations based on their TDP, which have apparently increased significantly over the Rocket Lake-S platform.

The information was shared by FCPowerUp (via HXL), showing peak power increases of over 28% across the various CPU's TDPs. The power recommendations table also includes 165W TDP processors, but Intel hasn't launched any 165W TDP CPU belonging to the 10th or 11th Gen series.

As per the image, Intel 10th, 11th, and 12th Gen processors will share the same continuous current recommendations, but peak power recommendations will differ considerably. For example, the 35W TDP processors would increase from 16.5A to 20.5A, resulting in a 24.2% increase, from 198W to 246W. The 65W TDP is the most significant, from 360W (30A) to 462W (38.5A), a 28.3% increase. As for the 125W, where the 10th and 11th Gen ‘K' processors stand, the increase is 14.7%, from 408W (34A) to 468W (39A). Lastly, the 165W TDP CPUs would increase from 480W (40A) to 540W (45A), translating into a 12.5% increase.

These peak power consumptions are only relevant for when processors enter PL3 or PL4, something that's usually very brief. Nonetheless, both peak power consumption and current are relevant to choose the right PSU for a system. 

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KitGuru says: Are you planning to build a new PC when Alder Lake releases? Does your current PSU meet the power requirements to power up an Alder Lake-based system?

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