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FormulaMod’s new AIO water cooling kit can be made compatible with almost any RTX 3080/3090 card

FormulaMod has designed a new AIO GPU water cooling kit that is compatible with nearly any RTX 3080/3090 card on the market. Instead of being locked to a single water block, the new FormuladMod Granzon GPU AIO kit can be paired with any Bykski TC block.

The FormulaMod Granzon GPU AIO kit (via VideoCardz) is divided into three major components. The first is the 240mm radiator with a 30mm thickness, featuring 14 water channels and copper fins, which are then cooled by a pair of 120mm PWM RGB fans pushing up to 64.8CFM of air when spinning at 1500RPM. Then, there's the water pump, packing a display for real-time monitoring and capable of pumping water at a flow rate of up to 700L/h at 4800RPM. Lastly, there's the Bykski water block, which users can choose depending on their graphics cards. 

The pump and the radiator are attached through a Granzon pump-radiator bridge, which is then connected to the radiator by up to 500mm of tubing. This bridge also features another inlet, 2x injects, and 2x plug seals, allowing users to expand their loop to the CPU or another GPU.

The Granzon AIO water cooling kit is now available for $341.71 at FormulaMod. However, you can also buy all the Granzon components, but choose a bigger radiator for better cooling performance. 

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KitGuru says: Price might be a little too much just to improve GPU thermals, but if Byksi keeps using the same connectors on future water blocks, this solution should still be compatible, adding value to the purchase.

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