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Intel has discontinued the 10th Gen Core KA “Avengers” processors

Following the discontinuance of the 9th Gen Core processors, the 5-month-old Intel 10th Gen Core KA “Avengers” processors launched to promote Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers have also been discontinued. This includes the Core i5-10600KA, the Core i7-10700KA, the Core i9-10850KA, and the Core i9-10900KA.

Now that the Intel 10th Gen Core KA processors have reached EOL, retailers won't be able to order any more chips from the suppliers. This means that the Intel KA processors available in the stores right now are the last to be produced. If you are still interested in acquiring one of these, there are still a lot of retailers selling them worldwide.

The launch of these processors came from a partnership that Intel made with Square Enix to promote the Marvel's Avengers video game. Despite the fancy box where the processors came in, there wasn't any other difference compared to the original 10th Gen Core processors. Pricing was also the same, so customers hadn't any specific reason to buy the KA processors over the others.

The original 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-S processors will continue to be sold as they were until now. Their discontinuance should only come once Intel has released the 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake-s processors, expected to be released in Q1 2021.

KitGuru says: Did you buy an Intel 10th Gen Core KA “Avengers” processor? Was there any specific reason for you to get the Avengers Edition over the standard processor?

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