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MSI introduces blower-style RTX 3090 Aero graphics card

MSI is about to launch an RTX 3090 cooled by a blower-type solution named RTX 3090 Aero. Similar in design to the reference Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 card, the RTX 3090 Aero cools the GPU by blowing air through a large heatsink, which is then expelled from the I/O panel.

Given its 2-slot design, it's easier to pair 2x RTX 3090 Aero with NVLink. Despite using the reference clock speeds of up to 1695MHz on the core and 19.5Gbps on the memory, it doesn't seem to use the reference board. On the back of the card, there's a backplate covering half of the PCB that strengths the card while also enhancing it with an “armored look”. Additionally, the card comes with multiple thermal pads providing extra heat dissipation throughout the card components.

Measuring 300×111.15×38.67mm, the RTX 3090 Aero is powered by 2x 8-pin power connector located at the right side of the card. This card features a 350W TDP and it's recommended to use a 750W power supply to power the system equipped with one of these cards. Available video outputs include 3x DisplayPort 14.am and an HDMI 2.1 port.

Pricing and availability have not been disclosed yet. You can learn more about the MSI RTX 3090 Aero HERE.

KitGuru says: Are you planning on acquiring an RTX 3090 graphics card? Would you consider the RTX 3090 Aero? Do you think the Aero cooling system will be enough to handle this SKU?

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