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Intel Rocket Lake-S rumours suggest Gen12 iGPU, 14nm, and up to 8 cores

Sharkbay, a user from the PTTWeb forum, has posted what appears to be a list of specifications for Intel's upcoming Rocket Lake-S CPU. The successor to Comet Lake is currently rumoured to cap out at eight cores while using the 14nm process node. As with any rumour though, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. 

The leaked specs posted online claim that Rocket Lake-S will use the 14nm process node, and the core count will cap at 8 with a 125W TDP. This would be a downgrade compared to Comet Lake, which will have a core count of up to 10 and the same 125W TDP. This core count reduction might be a trade-off for IPC gains, which would be the first IPC improvement on the Intel desktop platform since the release of Skylake.

The Rocket Lake-S will have a “U configuration”, which is a 15W low-TDP configuration, as per usual. This configuration's core count only goes up to 6, which is the same as the “U configuration” from Comet Lake.

The image above shows a summary of the current and upcoming Intel CPU architectures' lineups. This image has a typo on the “AVX” row for the Rocket Lake lineup, which was later confirmed to have support for AVX-512, a noticeable upgrade from its predecessors. Another upgrade is the addition of Gen12 iGPU with 32 EUs (Execution Units).

Both of these upgrades indicate a possible relation with Willow Cove or Sunny Cove architecture, meaning that Rocket Lake-S will be a 14nm version of the 10nm Tiger Lake, with a smaller iGPU.

A more substantial upgrade is the compatibility with DDR4 and LPDDR4x memories, which might be improved to 128GB at 2933MHz and 32GB at 3733MHz, respectively. There's no confirmed release date for Intel's Rocket Lake-S, but it's expected to release in 2021.

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