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Intel “Rocket Lake” Xeon W-1300 CPU series revealed by ASRock

ASRock has listed multiple unannounced Xeon W-13xx processors on its Intel 1200-based CPU support list. As per the ASRock support page, these processors will be based on the Rocket Lake CPU architecture and feature a TDP of up to 125W.

Like all Rocket Lake processors, the Intel Xeon W-13xx workstation processors will make use of Cypress Cove core architecture. ASRock's CPU list (via @KOMACHI_ENSAKA) only includes five W-13xx SKUs, from which two are 6-core and three are 8-core. The 6-core parts listed are the W-1350 and 1350P. As for the 8-core processors, the list includes Xeon W-1390, W-1390T, and W-1370. Similarly to other Intel processors, the W-13xx T-variants come with a 35W TDP. The three standard SKUs will feature an 80W TDP, while the W1350P-model comes with a 125W TDP.

The 6-core W-1350 and 1350P feature 12MB of cache and higher clocks, with the former coming with a base clock of 3.3GHz and the latter with 4.0GHz. As for the 8-core parts, all have 16MB of cache. The W-1370 has a 2.9GHz base clock, while the W-1390 has 2.8GHz. The W-1390T is the lowest-clocked of the bunch, with a 1.5GHz base clock.

ASRock's latest BIOS for the consumer Z490 and H470 motherboards and workstation W480 boards already includes support for these processors. Nonetheless, the release date of Intel Xeon W-13xx CPUs is still unknown.

KitGuru says: There are probably more variants of the Xeon W-13XX series beyond what is shown here. This list doesn't include any variant of the W-1370, and the W-1350 and W-1390 should have a T and a P variant, respectively. Would you choose a Rocket Lake workstation processor over an AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU?

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