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Intel Tiger Lake-H45 series leaks, includes three 8-core SKUs

The line-up of Tiger Lake-H45 processors has apparently leaked, revealing three 8-core CPUs in addition to a 6-core processor. 

During CES 2021, Intel officially announced the Tiger Lake-H35 series with up to 4x cores and 8x threads. Aimed at slim and mid-range gaming laptops, these SKUs have a 35W TDP and reach an operating frequency of up to 5.0GHz in a single-core thanks to Intel Thermal Velocity Boost. To complement the Tiger Lake-H35 line-up, Intel is also releasing higher-spec Tiger Lake-H45 processors with up to 8x cores, 16x threads, and a 5.0GHz turbo speed on multiple cores.

Up until now, we didn't know how many SKUs the Tiger Lake-H45 line-up would have, but as per @momomo_us, it should be four – the Core i9-11980HK, Core i9-11900H, Core i7-11800H, and the Core i5-11400H. The Core i9 and Core i7 SKUs feature eight CPU cores, while the Core i5 SKU has six.

Although it hasn't been confirmed, the presumably higher TDP of the Core i9-11980HK should result in a slight clock speed advantage compared to the other 8-core processors with a boost speed of 5.0GHz across multiple cores.

Regarding the Core i9-11900H and the Core i7-11800H, we still don't know what differentiates one from the other, but it could well be different operating frequencies.

KitGuru says: Are you thinking about buying a new laptop? Would you consider one powered by an Intel Tiger Lake-H45 processor? 

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