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Intel’s 600-series line-up has leaked, including X699 chipset

Alongside its new ‘Alder Lake' processors, Intel will be launching 600-series motherboards, although the line-up this time around appears to include more chipsets than past generations according to new leaks. 

The leak comes from HXL, which found the whole 600-series line-up on the Intel Chipset driver 10.1.18836.8283. According to what HXL found, the 600-series includes the following chipsets: X699, W685, W680, Q670, Q670E, Z690, H670, B660, H610, H610E and R680E.

Until now, we have not heard much about the X699, but considering Intel's naming history, it should be used on a new HEDT platform. Besides HEDT chipsets, the line-up will also include the workstation-oriented W685 and W680, and the business-grade Q670 and Q670E (laptop). The mainstream segment features the flagship Z690 chipset, followed by the mid-range H670 and B660, and the entry-level H610 and H610E (also laptop). Lastly, there's the R680E chipset, which should be used on embedded (R) laptops (E).

Featuring the LGA 1700 socket, Intel 600-series motherboards will support DDR5-4800 memory and PCIe 5.0. The release date hasn't been announced yet, but they should launch around the same time as the Intel Alder Lake CPUs, coming out later this year.

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