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Leaker shares possible configurations of Intel Alder Lake-S/P and M, possible 14nm iGPU

Just yesterday, we shared the leak on Alder Lake desktop processors using Intel Hybrid technology, but it seems that these won't be the only ones. Another leak suggests that both Alder Lake-M and Alder Lake-P will also use Intel Hybrid Technology, which might be a sign that the bigSMALL architecture is here to stay.

With Lakefield being the first architecture using Intel Hybrid Technology, Intel Alder Lake appears to be next in line to adopt the bigSMALL architecture. As per a new leak from sharkbay (via @momomo_us), Alder Lake will have two more series besides the already known “S series”. This leak came in as a comment to the transcript of a call between Charlie Demerjian and Susquehanna, where it was also mentioned that Alder Lake processors will feature 10nm CPUs and 14nm GPUs.

Alder Lake's S series will be used on desktop processors, with an expected TDP of up to 125W, just like the current Comet Lake-S processors. The Alder Lake-P configuration should be used on Atom Server series, just like the previous “P series” from Intel. The “M series” is expected to be targeted at mobile devices.

The possible core configurations of the Alder Lake-S are said to include one with 8x big plus 8x small cores and another SKU with just 6x big cores. Both SKUs should feature GT1 GPUs. Additionally, leakers also shared the core configurations of the P and M series, with both featuring a 2 x big plus 8x small cores SKU with GT2 GPU, and an additional SKU on the P series featuring 6x big and 8x small cores with a GT2 GPU.

Alder Lake integrated graphics are still unclear, but given that Rocket Lake will use Xe graphics, the same should happen to the following architecture.

KitGuru says: While much of this is rumour for now, It does look like Intel will use its hybrid technology in most of the 12th Gen processors. What do you think of this new strategy from Intel?

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