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Lenovo roadmap leak shows Tiger Lake & Lakefield releasing in Q3/4 2020

Lenovo's roadmap for its upcoming ThinkPad devices has leaked, and with it, the release of the Tiger Lake and Lakefield processors. The slides containing the roadmap suggest that Lenovo's product naming scheme will change, and Intel's 10nm processors are set to release in Q3/4 2020.

As you can see in the roadmap shared by Notebookcheck, Lenovo plans to launch over 20 new ThinkPad devices, including laptops, convertibles and tablets, by the end of the year. These new devices will be using the existing Intel Comet Lake U processors (with and without vPro), the upcoming AMD Renoir and Intel Comet Lake H processors, and the 10nm Intel Tiger Lake and Lakefield CPUs. Those 10nm processors appear to be scheduled for a release later this year, between September and October, with Lenovo starting to sell the devices equipped with Intel's 10nm solutions by October.

Lenovo is also introducing a new naming scheme for its laptops. The letter determines the device series, while the number identifies the size of the screen, and the suffix describes the device's class.

One other thing to note from these slides is Lenovo's plan to release a budget-oriented ThinkPad. The ThinkPad P15V (“V” meaning value) will be the latest addition to the ThinkPad portfolio, and by the looks of it, it may reduce the cost of entry for this line of laptops.

Image Credit: Notebookcheck

One of the devices scheduled for a release later this year, and using 10nm Intel processor, is the Lenoxo X1 Fold which was initially scheduled for release by Q2 2020. It's expected that this Lenovo device will be equipped with a Lakefield CPU using both Sunny Cove and Tremont core architecture in a 5-core configuration (1 big Sunny Cove core + 4 little Tremont cores).

These slides also mention multiple unannounced devices, including the ThinkPad X12, the ThinkPad X1 Nano, the ThinkPad X1 Titanium, and a ThinkPad Chromebook. All of these devices are expected to use Intel's 10nm processors, but it's not clear whether that means Tiger Lake or Lakefield architecture.

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