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Reminder: AMD will show off Zen tonight at 9PM GMT

Announced at the tail end of November, AMD's New Horizon event to show off its upcoming Zen CPU architecture takes place later today, 13th December. Although attendance will be restricted, any and all can view online. If you'd like to check in on the livestream, make sure to be ready for when it goes live at 9PM GMT.

Zen is AMD's next-generation CPU architecture and from what we know so far, it should prove competitive with at least mid-range Intel chips and possibly even some of its higher-end i7 CPUs. However some of those early showings were in rather contrived circumstances, so a public showcase of what Zen is capable of would be very welcome.

The event set to take place later today (3PM CST, 9PM GMT) has been termed New Horizon and will be hosted by Canadian video game journalist, Geoff Keighley. There will be giveaways, special guests and Evil Geniuses DotA 2 pro player, Peter ‘PPD' Dager, who will be demoing the Zen hardware live on stage.

Although we don't know exactly where it's set to take place (somewhere in Austin, Texas), we're told that this will be the first time the public will have access to Zen hardware and will be able to try it out for themselves. For those unable to attend in person (read: most of us) there will be a livestream of the event too. You'll need to sign up though, so make sure you do so before the event begins, in case there are any issues with traffic making access difficult.

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KitGuru Says: I'm cautiously optimistic about Zen. While I don't like that AMD felt the need to underclock the Intel chip in its previous test (even if it was to show clock for clock performance) it does seem like powerful hardware. Here's hoping it can offer Intel some real competition at the top end of the first time in a decade. 

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