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AMD recruits Lenovo COO as new CEO

In what appears to be a fantastically powerful move, chip designer AMD is expected to announce that it has secured Lenovo’s Chief Operating officer as its new CEO.

KitGuru digs a little deeper into what this will mean for AMD specifically and the industry overall.

Read recruitment anyone ?

IBM veteran, Rory Read was the man behind much of Lenovo’s successful integration of the PC inventor’s brand with the Chinese government’s darling brand.

While AMD could not possibly have known that HP was going to put its hands in the air, surrender and run like rabbits from the PC market – the acquisition of someone like Read will look like a master stroke to any outside observers.

The reason people buy corporate brands like HP, is for stability. The moment that they disappear, people get nervous. At times like that, companies with massive potential, like Lenovo, can step forward and really stake a claim.

The move looks powerful and, assuming that it has been done amicably, will help cement relationships between AMD and one of the world’s biggest users of its products.

If AMD manages to amicably recuit IBM/Lenovo’s Rory Read as its new CEO – then it’s a powerful move in a post-HP world. Wonder how many PCs China can buy?

KitGuru says: Let’s wait and see if the share of Intel processors inside Lenovo systems drops as fast as HP’s stock did after Leo announced his firms new strategy. Also, let’s see how long it takes Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal to catch up with this story.

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