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Xigmatek’s next generation chassis – and a cool mod

While the vast majority of the 250,000 audience at GamesCom 2011 was hell-bent of hardcore gaming, some smart operators realised that games get played on hardware – so they made sure that there was lots on show for hungry eyes. KitGuru has operatives everywhere, and some of them were sneaking around Koln Messe Halle 6 with 500mm telephoto lenses and paparazzi-like cunning. Here are the results, pixellated as they may be.

Creating a chassis as good as the Xigmatek Elysium is quite an impressive feat. From the first time we got hands-on in Computex, through to Zardon’s in-depth 8 page review, it was clearly going to be something special. But should companies stop there, or should they carry the design through to its ultimate iteration.

We know where we stand. KitGuru always wants to see the extreme.

If you are of similar mind, take a look at this beauty (note that the spec sheet has been blown up artificially and is not the same size as the mod).

Big kudos to Xigmatek, Case King, BT-Custom PC and Stefan Blass


Modding the SSD, now that's what we call attention to detail. We don't recommend it, but we like it


Dim the lights and let the custom military glow hold your attention


Poor Tony Sahin, sharing his personal space with Playboy Playmates for a week. Poor bloke.


While the chassis was interesting – it is a custom job that only few will ever be lucky enough to order.

Launching a brand new mainstream chassis will affect a lot more enthusiasts and, at GamesCom 2011, we got a world exclusive peak at what Xigmatek will be pulling out of their design shorts next. Tony made us swear not to reveal too much at this stage, but here’s a teaser.

Xigmatek Boffins crowd around the engineering sample, with its unique design and space aged materials. Nice.


KitGuru says: So there you have it. Customers with around £1,000 to spend on a hand crafted mod now have something in a Xigmatek style to lust after, and for those of us who prefer a much less wallet busting chassis – there will be a new chassis in town very soon.

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